A solid financial base is essential when you are starting up a new business. The right financing package will carry you through any temporary difficulties yet still allow you to make the most of the growth opportunities when they arise.

You should know the following;

  • Deciding how much money you need.
  • Investment finances and requirement
  • Different forms of borrowing
  • Other sources of help


  • Draw up a budget based on your business plan.
  • Identify how much financing you require and when you will need it.
  • Allow for contingency funding. How much extra finance you might require in near future?


It will be difficult to borrow money from a bank unless you can point to an adequate financial base of money invested in the business.

  • Usually with your own capital in the business things go more serious
  • You may be relying on family and friends who are willing to invest in your business
  • Your business may attract outside investors.An outside investor whose personal investment in a business qualifies under the Enterprise Investment Scheme enjoys special tax treatment


After your own family, the most likely source of borrowing is the bank.

  • Many businesses need overdraft finance from time to time.
  • Overdrafts are useful for financing temporary – or fluctuating – cash shortages.
  • Loan finance is often the best way to finance a longer-term business need.
  • Bank-finance costs can vary widely.


There are other more specific finance options also available;

  • Leasing is used to finance equipment you do not need to own.
  • Hire purchase (HP) is used to finance the purchase of equipment.
  • Factoring provides you with finance against invoices that customers have not yet paid.
  • Stock finance, where cash is raised against the value of stock held by a manufacturing company, may also be a possibility

Comparing the cost of different forms of finance is complicated.Key factors are fees, the period of the finance, interest rates and the tax position.

If you have difficulty in borrowing from the mainstream banks, you may be able to obtain financing from Alternative Markets. These are very popular these days and a good proposition will bring handsome cash investment.


For any borrowing, you need to show that you can afford the capital and interest payments. In addition, a bank usually wants security to ensure the loan is repaid if things go wrong. There are a number of different possibilities:

  • A personal guarantee is a guarantee from the director/owner
  • A guarantee from a third party, who will be liable to pay the debt if you default.
  • If your annual turnover is no more than £41 million, another source of security may be the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (government backed).
  • You may need to take out insurance that will pay out if you suffer an accident, sickness or death.


  • Before lending you any money the bank will want to see a viable business plan.
  • Once your business is operational, provide the bank with regular management information summarising sales, margins and costs.
  • Warn the bank if you expect to run into any financial difficulties.
  • The Better Business Finance website offers help with the information you need to support a loan application, improving your credit rating and the bank appeals process. Find out more at


There is a wide range of schemes providing help and finance for start-up and small businesses.

Check what is available before you start trading,or you may no longer be eligible

  • Value your business assets – Banks will value your assets conservatively when you use them as security for borrowing.
  • Banks will usually lend only 50% – 60% of the value of a business property (Short leaseholds offer little security).
  • Equipment will only be valued at its resale price – usually its price at auction.
  • Banks may lend up to 60% of the value of your trade debtors.


It is usual to match the type of finance to the purpose it is used for.

  • For development, and to finance start-up losses, use investment finance.
  • For equipment and vehicles, use fixed-term loans, leasing or hire purchase.
  • For working capital, use an overdraft or factoring. Working capital is the cash you need to cover the delay between paying suppliers and receiving payments from customers.
  • For property, use a long-term mortgage


We can be of assistance by providing the following services to ensure that you hit the right type of finance at the right time for your business;

  • Helping you draw up a budget and plan
  • Detailed cashflow projections
  • Advice on investment, banking, and other finance
  • Advice on long-term and short-term finance
  • Assistance in working with your bank


  • Guaranteed confidential and honest assistance
  • Quality advice and service
  • Improved cash management
  • Long-term support for business growth
  • Proven strategies


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