We can help; in most cases capital gains tax can be reduced or even totally avoided!

What is Capital gains tax?

Capital Gains Tax is the tax levied on someone who sells an asset that has increased in value that is tax on the gain or profit. Everyday items are generally excluded, however commonly the sale of chargeable assets such as property, business, shares or other valuables will trigger a charge to capital gains tax. The capital gain tax is payable on most items you sell and made a gain. However, it is not payable on sale of your car. You also don’t pay the capital gain tax on gifts between spouses, civil partners or to a charity.

There are numerous reliefs available including

  • Entrepreneurs Relief
  • Lettings Relief,
  • Principal Private Residence Relief
  • Gift Relief


Running a business can keep you occupied at times, making it easy for you to overlook capital gains tax. However, get in touch with us and we’ll make it simple for you by:
  • Advising you on whether or not you need to pay capital gains tax on your items
  • Attempting to help you reduce or prevent the charge
  • In depth and quality advice
  • Maximising the use of any annual exemptions
  • Assist with complex capital gains tax planning
  • Complete necessary paperwork for HMRC on your behalf


We are your AIMS Business Partners, we help you to drive your business growth and will be with you in every single stage of your business;

Benefits of using AIMS Business Partners are;

  • Provide real-time financials
  • Quality service
  • Long term support
  • Work with our specialists
  • Visibility of your business in future
  • Tax and cost savings
  • Confidentiality & honesty


We have made it so simple


Initial Meeting (Call us, Meet us, E-mail us)

With our initial discussion, we assess your requirements and have a good idea of your Tax, Compliance & Payroll needs, we also provide you with our advice or a second thought on your ideas.

We can talk through all the available options suiting your business needs


Available Options

Once you are happy with the options and decided what best for you, for example, our business growth package, management reporting, credit control services. We agree on the frequency of reporting and deliverables. And then get the system set-up and ready for you.


On Hand Support

That’s all about it and you are now up and running. We spend time with you to make sure that we make it as simple as possible, we do not deviate from your existing system and apply our change management strategies to ensure everyone in your team is on board.

This starts the era of our ongoing support and business growth research, therefore, you get the best from our services.


The whole process should not take longer than a week, in some cases, we are happy to commence work from the very next day!


Switching to us:

We can understand the pain of switching a supplier, however, it is not at all like the switching a broadband supplier. In case have an existing accountant, our support process, will make it seamless. You offer a big thank to your previous accountants and we collect all the information on your behalf.


Get in touch:

If you would like to know more about our start-up services and would like to get an instant quote please contact us with no delay.

We also offer non-executive and FD services to your new business, that is demonstrative and more than what you get from a traditional accountant.

If you are setting up a new business or if you have already set-up a business and seeking to appoint an expert team of accountants who can provide attention to your new business and would like to get an instant quote please contact us 020 7636 3455 with no delay.


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